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DANI - Graphic Novel Covers

Here's an Exclusive High-Res Images for my Graphic Novel ( DANI).. You can find more details about the Artwork and Story on the Graphic Novel's page on Facebook, Here: ( )
Shortly, It's a near future story with the everlasting battle between good and evil, High-Tech and Cyberpunk style.. American Style of Comics.

The Novel is on the markets but it's on Arabic Language and in Egypt only right now, Sorry for this but soon will be available world wide.. Hope you like the stuff and more to come :-)

Kareem ahmed 0 volume 04 cover

Chapter-04 Cover

Kareem ahmed 0 volume 01 cover

Chapter-01 Cover

Kareem ahmed 0 volume 02 cover

Chapter-02 Cover

Kareem ahmed 0 volume 03 cover

Chapter-03 Cover